April Blog Roundup

Can you believe it’s almost May? A lot has happened in the last month! From jewelry care and stories of survival to birthstones and precious metals; catch up on everything we covered on the blog this month.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

Caring for Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is one of the most popular metals we offer at ShineOn. This lustrous metal is a great choice to brighten up your jewelry collection, but proper care is essential to keep the soft metal in like-new condition. Read more to ensure your silver jewelry stays in tip top shape. Continue reading “April Blog Roundup”

Rhodium: The Rarest Precious Metal on Earth


When you think of high-end jewelry, silver and gold are most likely the first precious metals that come to mind. If you’re fairly well versed in metals, you might even think of platinum or white gold, but chances are you’re not aware of just how popular rhodium is as a plating material for high-end jewelry. No sweat – after this blog post, you can pretty much consider yourself a rhodium expert. Continue reading “Rhodium: The Rarest Precious Metal on Earth”

What is Sterling Silver?

We love sterling silver as much as you do. It’s shiny, brilliant, and takes jewelry to a whole new level of worth beyond the standard fashion jewelry you can buy from trendy stores in the mall. A few weeks ago, we shared the best way to care for your sterling silver. This week, we’re answering the fundamental question, “What exactly IS sterling silver?” Continue reading “What is Sterling Silver?”

April’s Birthstone: Shine Bright Like a Diamond


Image Credit: Michelle Tribe

For those of you with an April birthday, you’re probably already aware of your dazzling birthstone, the diamond. Lucky you! Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend, they’re a remarkable material, synonymous with luxury and wealth since the 1950s. These brilliant stones have existed for billions of years deep in the Earth’s crust, formed when carbon molecules are exposed to intense heat and pressure. While most people associate diamonds with engagement rings and impressive bling, they also have unique characteristics and a complex history, making them a truly fascinating gem. Continue reading “April’s Birthstone: Shine Bright Like a Diamond”

All That Glitters: Caring for Gold Jewelry


Gold has long been one of the most treasured precious metals in jewelry design. Valued for its durability, gold jewelry can last a lifetime – or even longer – if cared for properly. However, like all precious metals, gold can still be damaged if mistreated or handled roughly. Here are a few tips that can help you ensure your gold jewelry stays pristine for years to come. Continue reading “All That Glitters: Caring for Gold Jewelry”

Bridgette Anne’s Story: Moving Forward After the Accident

For Bridgette Anne, her Jeep TJ Wrangler was more than just a car. It carried her through rain, mud, and snow and never once got stuck. It introduced her to the Jeep community, leading to new friendships and a sense of belonging. Her Jeep even had a name, “Mojorisin”, after The Door’s song “L.A. Woman” which was playing on the radio when she first test drove the car.  

On a late afternoon in May of 2015, Bridgette Anne — then seven months pregnant — and her boyfriend Michael were returning from shopping for nursery supplies when their Jeep was struck head-on by another vehicle. “I was screaming, ‘My son! My son!’ I was in tears thinking we lost him.” In the aftermath of the violent collision, Bridgette Anne was rushed to the hospital where doctors informed her that if she did not have an emergency cesarean section to deliver her son, he would not survive. Continue reading “Bridgette Anne’s Story: Moving Forward After the Accident”

Fun Facts About Birthstones [INFOGRAPHIC]

Most people know what their birthstone is without a second thought, but how much do we really know about the actual gemstones themselves? The gems designated as birthstones have been around for thousands – sometimes millions – of years, and most have some pretty interesting history to them.

The infographic below covers a few of the more intriguing facts about birthstones. So the next time someone asks you about your birthstone, you can impress them with your gemstone expertise!


At ShineOn, we offer custom, handmade-to-order jewelry featuring birthstone-inspired cubic zirconia gems. Be sure to check out the unique designs we have to offer for Birthstone Jewelry Designs.