April Blog Roundup

Can you believe it’s almost May? A lot has happened in the last month! From jewelry care and stories of survival to birthstones and precious metals; catch up on everything we covered on the blog this month.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

Caring for Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is one of the most popular metals we offer at ShineOn. This lustrous metal is a great choice to brighten up your jewelry collection, but proper care is essential to keep the soft metal in like-new condition. Read more to ensure your silver jewelry stays in tip top shape.


Fun Facts About Birthstones

Did you know December’s birthstone, Zircon, is the oldest mineral on Earth? 4.4 Billion years, and counting! We bet you didn’t know the fun facts about birthstones we covered in this infographic.


Bridgette Anne’s Story: Moving Forward After the Accident

We were beyond inspired by this story from one of our Jeep Birthstone necklace customers. After a car accident rocked Bridgette Anne’s world, she has found a way to move forward with positivity and love for her son.


Caring for Gold Jewelry

Gold has a long history in the jewelry making industry and is known for being both durable and beautiful. However, even the most resilient metals need special care. This month, we covered the essential guide to storing, cleaning and protecting gold jewelry.


April’s Birthstone: Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Marilyn Monroe once said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” They’re also the birthstone for the month of April and a pretty impressive gemstone. In this blog post, we covered what makes diamonds so special.


What is Sterling Silver?

We all love the way sterling silver looks, but do we really know what qualifies silver as “sterling”? This article delves into silver’s history and how to tell real sterling silver from an imposter.


Rhodium: The Rarest Precious Metal on Earth

More rare than gold and one of the most popular precious metal plating we offer at ShineOn, rhodium is a frequent material choice for luxury jewelry that doesn’t get the attention it quite deserves. Curious what rhodium has to do with white gold? Read on to find out.

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