Jewelry Making: The Gilded Heart of Providence


Arguably, the centuries long reign of Providence, RI as the jewelry capital of the country began with two men: Seril and Nehemiah Dodge. In 1784, Seril Dodge opened a jewelry store on North Main Street, selling handmade watches, clocks and gold and silver jewelry. His business flourished, and within a few years, others followed his lead hoping to make a place for themselves in the highly profitable industry.

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Your Jewelry’s Journey: Step 1


Sometimes people wonder why it takes four weeks for an order to be made. In a time of instant gratification, drone delivered packages and instantaneous 3-D printers, the traditional art of making fine jewelry can get overlooked. So, allow us to introduce you to the world of handmade-to-order jewelry, starting off with Molding and Casting. Continue reading “Your Jewelry’s Journey: Step 1”

May’s Birthstone: Exquisite Emeralds


Emeralds couldn’t be more fitting as the birthstone of May, a month that occurs during the peak of the beautiful, verdant Spring season. Emeralds share the same brilliant color as freshly unfolded leaves, ranging in shades from rich blue-green to dark, vivid green. These beautiful gems are members of the beryl family, the same category that Aquamarine falls under. Continue reading “May’s Birthstone: Exquisite Emeralds”

Gold’s Radiant History


We’ve all seen the commercials for resale shops and buy back programs for gold. Let’s face it, gold is a hot ticket item and has been for years. But did you know that gold’s worth finds its roots in ancient civilizations from thousands of years ago? Keep reading to see how gold evolved from the accessories of pharaohs to the ring on your finger. Continue reading “Gold’s Radiant History”

Tackling Stubborn, Tangled Necklace Chains


Everyone loves the look of a delicate, sparkling necklace chain. While they look beautiful, these tiny chains can cause a giant problem when they become tangled in messy knots. Fret not, we have a few tips that’ll turn those seemingly hopeless tangles into the knot-free jewelry you love to wear. Continue reading “Tackling Stubborn, Tangled Necklace Chains”