Tackling Stubborn, Tangled Necklace Chains


Everyone loves the look of a delicate, sparkling necklace chain. While they look beautiful, these tiny chains can cause a giant problem when they become tangled in messy knots. Fret not, we have a few tips that’ll turn those seemingly hopeless tangles into the knot-free jewelry you love to wear.


To start, lay the tangled chain on a hard surface. Then taking one straight pin and insert it into center of the knot. The tip of the pin is small enough to loosen knots that our fingers cannot reach. The key is to gently work to loosen the knot, never pulling or prying the chain if it is stuck. You may find that it is helpful to use two pins to work in tandem.


For especially stubborn knots, it may be necessary to apply a mineral oil or baby oil to the chain. Using a clean q-tip, gently work the oil into the knot of the chain. Then use the pin(s) to work at the knot. Oil can lubricate the links of the chain that might be catching on each other, allowing them to more easily slide past each other as you work through the knot. If you decide to use oil, be sure to place the necklace on a non-porous surface that won’t be damaged from exposure to oil. The oil will not damage the metal of the chain – simply wash with water and a mild dish soap and dry thoroughly to remove excess oil after the knot is untangled.

Who knew that getting through those frustrating knots could be so easy? Be sure to check out our other blog posts for more helpful jewelry care tricks:

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