May Blog Roundup

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and it couldn’t be more true; May has come and gone and Summer is upon us! As the month comes to a close, we’ve been reflecting on all that we’ve covered on the ShineOn blog over the past 31 days.


Tackling Stubborn, Tangled Necklace Chains

Tangled chains and knotted necklaces can be frustrating to tackle. We tracked down the quickest way to work through even the toughest twists and snarls and have your chain links in order ASAP. 


Gold’s Radiant History

There’s a lot more to the gold in your jewelry box than you might think! Sought after by the likes of Pharaohs, Kings and Pirates, this precious metal has a long and fascinating history, covered in our blog.


May’s Birthstone: Exquisite Emeralds

The month of May is coming to a close, but emeralds are appropriate 365 days of the year. May’s birthstone receives a well deserved highlight in this month’s blog post.


Your Jewelry’s Journey: Step 1

From the moment you place your order to the careful molding and casting of the raw piece – your jewelry makes an incredible journey to be handmade just for you. We want to shed a little light on the beginning stages of when your jewelry goes from a digital rendering to a highly designed piece.


Jewelry Making: The Gilded Heart of Providence

Jewelry still runs through the veins of Providence, the former jewelry capital of the World. We’re proud to lay down roots in the “Creative Capital.”

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