5 DIY Jewelry Organization Projects to Try at Home


Necklaces in a tangle? Bracelets piled on on your dresser? Rings scattered across your home, devoid of logic or order? These DIY projects could be the fix you need to finally organize your jewelry and make sorting a breeze.

Vintage Jewelry Stand for Rings and Things


Image Credit: Acute Designs

No cutting, sawing, soldering, hammering, or screwing involved. All it takes is a little glue to transform these Salvation Army Store finds into a dainty stand to organize your jewelry in the most stylish manner. This post gives you the details.

Floral Antler Necklace Rack


Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess

This DIY gives new meaning to the term country chic. Sub in wooden antlers for a more animal friendly project. Find the super simple tutorial here.

The “Catch All” Wall Organizer


Image Credit: A Time for Everything

Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, key chains – you name it, it has a spot here. Bonus points for also serving as a shelf for family photos and figurines.

Ombre Necklace Rack for Your Inner Minimalist


Image Credit: Well It’s Okay

Let the calming progression of colors soothe your terrible memories of hopeless knots and snarled chains; Tangled necklaces are a thing of the past! Find out how you can make this easy DIY here.  

DIY Ring Display Tray for Under $5


Image Credit: Tea Rose Home

Create the perfect resting place for all of your rings (when they’re not on your finger!). Keeping rings in the soft rows also helps protect them from scratches and dings of rolling freely with other jewelry in a drawer or box. Get the super easy step by step instructions.

If those DIY projects don’t inspire you to get crafty, we don’t know what will! Be sure to share pictures of any of the DIY projects you attempt, we’d love to see them. Happy organizing!

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