Where NOT to Wear Your Jewelry


Nothing can make your day brighter than someone giving you a compliment on your favorite piece of jewelry, and it’s definitely hard to pass on the opportunity to show it off when you’re out and about. Sometimes it feels like you never want to take it off, while other times you grow so accustomed to have it on, you might forget you’re wearing it! We’re big fans of wearing jewelry that means something special to you, but we also know there are some occasions when jewelry is better kept in your jewelry box.


We’ve all done it before – Sometimes you forget you’re wearing a ring or earrings until you’re already under the shower head and lathering up. Do yourself a favor: stop and take it off, and in the future always keep your jewelry out of the shower. Not only do you risk potentially losing it down the drain, but the lotions and soaps from your rinse, lather, repeat can build up on your ring. Some products can even discolor the metal of your jewelry or wear away at certain gems. Even if you don’t wear your jewelry in the shower, storing jewelry in the humid, wet atmosphere of a bathroom can make sterling silver pieces tarnish faster. Best to keep your jewelry entirely out of the bathroom, which brings us to…


Getting Ready

Much like in the shower, your daily prep can leave your jewelry dull and dingy. Jewelry should not be put on until after you’ve applied any lotions, cosmetics, or products. Hairspray and perfume are particularly damaging to your jewelry. Remember to follow the phrase, “Last thing on, first thing off” (this will make perfect sense when you get to the next place!).

In Bed

We get it; you love your jewelry so much you never want to take it off. You may not think sleeping with your jewelry on is a bad idea (everything is soft, what’s the big deal?) but sleeping in jewelry might be the fastest way to lose a gemstone. It’s easy for a prong of the gem setting to catch on a thread and bend, loosening the hold on the gem. It’s hard enough to find a sock in the sheets, let alone a tiny gem.


Cleaning Day

A clean house makes a happy home, but harsh chemicals in cleaning solutions make damaged jewelry. Metals, especially gold and silver, are particularly susceptible to corrosion and/or discoloration from cleaning chemicals. Even hard gemstones can lose their shine with continued exposure. Rubber gloves are a good idea, taking jewelry completely off is an even better idea!


Burpees and pull ups are not conducive to a well maintained jewelry piece. You may not think you’re damaging the ring, but even the simple act of gripping weights can leave a bend or mark in a ring, especially if the metal is of the malleable variety. Furthermore, your jewelry could injure you when you’re working out; you’d be wise to leave your jewelry in a locker or, better yet, at home.



Saltwater and chlorine are not your jewelry’s friend. These solutions can react with metals and gemstones, deteriorating certain gems’ surface quality and corroding the metals. Rose gold in particular should never be worn to the beach, as the copper used to make the metal pinkish is highly reactive to sea salt and will weaken significantly. Even if your jewelry is as tough as nails, the cold water makes your fingers shrink, increasing the chance your ring might slip off while you’re playing in the waves or deep end. RIP to all of the lost baubles in their ocean bottom graves.


When you’re operating heavy machinery or using tools, it’s a good idea to keep your jewelry somewhere safe. This is especially true for rings, which can be dented, scratched, and damaged when you’re working with your hands (this also holds true for other types of handiwork, like gardening and plumbing). Also avoid exposing your jewelry to any glues or solvents you’re working with.

With these helpful situations to avoid, you can help extend the lifetime of your jewelry significantly. Heeding these warnings, along with regular cleaning and care, will ensure your rings and things will stay extra shiny for all of the compliments you’ll receive in the future!

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