July Blog Roundup


With summer slipping by in a haze of sunny days and and lazy weekends, it’s that time of the month when we round up our posts from the last 31 days for all of our readers to catch up all in one post. It’s like a summer beach read, but minus the sand and much faster.


Gem Cuts and Shapes: It’s a Bling Thing

Round, marquis, princess – oh my! With so many different cuts and shapes, it’s easy to get lost in the brilliant gem world. We made this handy guide to 6 of the most popular gem cuts in the modern jewelery market.


Your Jewelry’s Journey: Plating

The practice of “plating” jewelry with an exterior of a specific precious metal is incredibly common in the jewelry making world. Through a fascinating chemical reaction, gleaming outer coating of metal is added onto jewelry. Isn’t science awesome?


July’s Birthstone: Resplendent Rubies

Diamonds may get all of the attention, but fiery rubies have a longer lineage of value by the wealthiest kings and monarchs. We explore some of the history behind July’s birthstone and what makes it such a splendid stone. PS: You won’t believe what ancient warriors did to try and harvest its power!


Black Rhodium: Welcome to the Dark Side

The edgy, deep sibling of classic rhodium is making a statement in the jewelry world. Find out why black rhodium will bring out your dramatic side and grab a spot on your jewelry wishlist.


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