July’s Birthstone: Resplendent Rubies


From Dorothy’s slippers to sacred stones of ancient Hindus, rubies have always been one of the most treasured precious stones known to man. One of the four precious stones, fine rubies are extremely valuable and have set record high sales prices close to $100,000 per carat. There’s more to July’s birthstone than meets the eye, however. Continue reading “July’s Birthstone: Resplendent Rubies”

Gem Cuts and Shapes: It’s a Bling Thing

1200px-Collection_of_Amethyst_GemstonesPhoto Credit: Michelle Jo via CC BY 3.0

Sparkling gems and crystals are easy to be entranced by – the way they catch the light, glittering in their setting on a ring, in a pendant or in earrings. But the shape and cut of the stones are integral to what gives them their sparkle. Here is a selection of some of the most popular gem cuts in the market today. Continue reading “Gem Cuts and Shapes: It’s a Bling Thing”