Jewelry Making: The Gilded Heart of Providence


Arguably, the centuries long reign of Providence, RI as the jewelry capital of the country began with two men: Seril and Nehemiah Dodge. In 1784, Seril Dodge opened a jewelry store on North Main Street, selling handmade watches, clocks and gold and silver jewelry. His business flourished, and within a few years, others followed his lead hoping to make a place for themselves in the highly profitable industry.

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Bridgette Anne’s Story: Moving Forward After the Accident

For Bridgette Anne, her Jeep TJ Wrangler was more than just a car. It carried her through rain, mud, and snow and never once got stuck. It introduced her to the Jeep community, leading to new friendships and a sense of belonging. Her Jeep even had a name, “Mojorisin”, after The Door’s song “L.A. Woman” which was playing on the radio when she first test drove the car.  

On a late afternoon in May of 2015, Bridgette Anne — then seven months pregnant — and her boyfriend Michael were returning from shopping for nursery supplies when their Jeep was struck head-on by another vehicle. “I was screaming, ‘My son! My son!’ I was in tears thinking we lost him.” In the aftermath of the violent collision, Bridgette Anne was rushed to the hospital where doctors informed her that if she did not have an emergency cesarean section to deliver her son, he would not survive. Continue reading “Bridgette Anne’s Story: Moving Forward After the Accident”