June Blog Roundup


They say “time flies when you’re having fun” and it couldn’t be more true for the month of June! The Summer is in full swing, the sun is glinting off of your new jewelry, and we’re looking forward to a long weekend! On our end, the ShineOn blog has covered everything from pricey gems to DIY projects and more. Let’s take a second to recap what we’ve been up to this month. Continue reading “June Blog Roundup”

Where NOT to Wear Your Jewelry


Nothing can make your day brighter than someone giving you a compliment on your favorite piece of jewelry, and it’s definitely hard to pass on the opportunity to show it off when you’re out and about. Sometimes it feels like you never want to take it off, while other times you grow so accustomed to have it on, you might forget you’re wearing it! We’re big fans of wearing jewelry that means something special to you, but we also know there are some occasions when jewelry is better kept in your jewelry box. Continue reading “Where NOT to Wear Your Jewelry”

5 DIY Jewelry Organization Projects to Try at Home


Necklaces in a tangle? Bracelets piled on on your dresser? Rings scattered across your home, devoid of logic or order? These DIY projects could be the fix you need to finally organize your jewelry and make sorting a breeze. Continue reading “5 DIY Jewelry Organization Projects to Try at Home”

June’s Birthstone: Colorful Alexandrite

Alexandrite_26.75ctsImage Credit: David Weinberg for Alexandrite.net, Step Cut Alexandrite Cushion, 26.75 cts. CC BY-SA 3.0

Alexandrite might just be one of the most interesting gems on Earth, and it’s definitely one of the rarest! June’s birthstone has the unique ability to shift its shade from a cool green-blue to a rich purple-red, depending on the light source, earning it the nickname, “emerald by day, ruby by night.” Aside from its chameleon-like coloring, Alexandrite is only found in a few specific locations in the world and in very small quantities, making it incredibly rare and valuable. Continue reading “June’s Birthstone: Colorful Alexandrite”

Top 10 Most Expensive Gems on Earth

Brooches_and_gemsImage Credit: Mauro Cateb

The vast amount of different minerals and gems produced by the earth over millions – sometimes billions – of years is enough to give you incredible appreciation for the magnificence of the planet we live on. We’ve all heard of the more popular gemstones, like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. However, a recent collaborative work to categorize more than 5,000 minerals has brought a few new gems to the attention of the jewelry market that make rubies and emeralds pale in comparison.
Continue reading “Top 10 Most Expensive Gems on Earth”

Jewelry Making: The Gilded Heart of Providence


Arguably, the centuries long reign of Providence, RI as the jewelry capital of the country began with two men: Seril and Nehemiah Dodge. In 1784, Seril Dodge opened a jewelry store on North Main Street, selling handmade watches, clocks and gold and silver jewelry. His business flourished, and within a few years, others followed his lead hoping to make a place for themselves in the highly profitable industry.

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